There may be times when students act or behave in such a manner that they are referred for conduct action. In any case of alleged misconduct, a student has the right to participate in the conduct process. Reviewing the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct will help students in navigating this process.
Student Rights & Responsibilities at Dominican is dedicated to promoting a sense of empowerment and duty for all students of the institution; additionally, Student Rights and Responsibilities will develop, disseminate, interpret, review and uphold institutional policies, the Student Code of Conduct and aid students in developing a sense of advocacy and personal authority in their lives.

Students are encouraged to review the Student Handbook for complete and detailed information about policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct and the conduct process. Students have the right, but are not required, to participate in the conduct process. 

All communication to students will be via the student email address (@students.dominican.edu). Students should check their email for information and official communication related to conduct matters. Please know that conduct matters are confidential, and only those individuals with a legitimate right to know are informed of a student's status or standing related to conduct action.
We believe that students should learn from their experience with Student Conduct, and should use these experiences to reflect on actions and behavior and consider how they might contribute in different ways to the campus community.