civic leaders

Our mission is to create a club that brings these moral and philosophical ideals to Dominican. Civic Leaders brings young men and women together who want to do more with their college experience, not just be engaging themselves.

Our creed is to: 

  • Uphold high morals and the Dominican Ideals
  • Be an influence through our own actions, and encourage those around us to do the same while respecting the opinions of otherHold bi-annual fundraisers for local charities
  • Further critical and deep thinking and a well-rounded education
  • Hold guest speakers and film viewings that explore deeper thinking and opposing viewpoints
  • Continue and fight for the Dominican Traditions
  • Attend and volunteer for events on campus, not limited to student or university held
  • Encourage school spirit in many venues
  • Attend athletic events and other functions, voicing support and raising camaraderie.


Proposed Activities:

  • Fundraiser to raise money for club
  • Group attendance to sport games and other club events
  • Movie nights
  • DIY paracord bracelet
  • Guest speakers (next semester)
  • “Guy Talk” Discussion Forums
  • Assistance with on campus events (ASDU, Alumni, Campus Ministry)


Matthew Choma, Civic Leaders President: [email protected]