Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect groups are led by students or campus ministers at different days and times during the week. Each group meets weekly to build community, pray, share stories and read the gospel. Issues of ethics, social justice, faith, and everyday issues are discussed in an intimate, safe setting. All faiths and beliefs are invited to attend.


Our is to bring together students to engage in discussion about the Gospel and their own lives. In reflecting on the gospel reading of the upcoming Sunday, we learn together how to incorporate gospel values into our lives as college students, young adults, and people of faith.


Students who participate in Ripple Effect

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their own faith
  • Make lasting friendships and are challenged with deep conversation
  • Have an opportunity to reflect and pray with others
  • Develop a new knowledge about the Gospels and how to apply Gospel teachings to their everyday life
  • Have the opportunity to become leaders of their own Ripple Effect



Lianni Castro: