Dominican Ski and Snowboard Club


The Dominican Ski and Snowboard club was started as a social group for students who have an interest in skiing or snowboarding, regardless of their skill level. This club is an opportunity for these students to meet fellow peers with similar interests and form relationships through events here at school as well as through trips to the snow resorts. We are an open club which allows for students to join if they are interested and want the ability to go skiing and snowboarding with a large group. There are a lot of students who love these winter activities, but it is simply too expensive for them alone to drive to the resorts, pay for housing and lift tickets, and buy food. This club offers them a small community of similar students who can save a lot of money by carpooling and splitting housing costs and food. Our goal each year is to have one or two large, full club trips to the resorts in Lake Tahoe and from there every weekend is open to forming a group who wants to go up for a weekend. Although this campus is small, there is not much of an overlap of social groups. We, as a club, aim to bring together people outside of their small group to broaden their roots in this university. We want students to feel a real investment in this club and be able to see it expand and grow as they put more and more into it. Teamwork, Friendship, and weekend adventures are what this club aims to instill on its members, and lasting memories of the people they did it with. 


President: TBD

Vice President: TBD