Kapamilya is not just Dominican's student association about Filipino culture – we are also building an inclusive family. All Kapamilya events and programs are fully student-operated. With more than 80 student participants, this is one of DU's largest and most active student clubs on campus!

About our name

Kapamilya means “family” in Filipino, derived from the word “familia” during the Spanish colonial era. A very important word in the Filipino culture, Kapamilya alludes to the importance of family, as in many other cultures. “Ka” is a prefix that means, “to be included.” “Familia” is spelled as “pamilya” probably because we Filipinos pronounce it like that and never use the letter “F” in our language! Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or cultural background!


Our Goals

We at Kapamilya strive to explore the identity, culture and significance of Filipinos worldwide—both socio-politically and historically—to develop and create our relationship to Filipino culture and the Philippines itself, all while unwinding from the chaos of academia!

  • Building an inclusive family
  • Exploring the Filipino culture
  • Identifying our relationship to Filipino culture/the Philippines and its relevance to the world
  • Having fun!


Our Activities

We enjoy building connections with other organizations regarding Filipino culture. We also love to spread awareness of the culture by both participating in and hosting events, such as student-led fundraisers, educational discussions, AKA, “Ate Kuya Ading Program”, Friendship Games, and PCN, “Pilipino Cultural Night”.

The Ate Kuya Ading Program, AKA, is a peer mentorship program that partners returning Dominican University students with incoming freshmen or transfer students. In Tagalog, the word “Ate” means sister, the word “Kuya” means brother, and the word “Ading” means a younger sibling. All the Ate’s and Kuya’s mentor their Ading through their transition into the college experience at Dominican University. They serve as a personal and social resource from offering advice to providing academic support.

Friendship Games is a gathering of Filipino-American Student-led Associations from both public and private universities in California and it is hosted by the Pilipino-American Student Association of CSU Fullerton. It is a weekend of competitive games, performances and socials and a way to celebrate Filipino-American culture.

PCN, “Pilipino Cultural Night” is a night of Filipino arts and culture with the participation of Kapamilya members and an open invitation to the Dominican community. We aim to educate others and spread awareness of the Filipino culture. It is also one of the biggest student-led events on campus!



Meetings are Mondays 6:00pm in Edgehill Mansion, Garden Room

Justin Perez, Kapamilya President: justin.perez@students.dominican.edu

Justin Pring, Kapamilya Vice-President: justin.pring@students.dominican.edu