Dominican Roller Hockey Club


Our goal is to provide an outlet for students who enjoy hockey or are interested I the sport of hockey, in the pursuit of fun and exercise, and to provide an organized venue for one of the best team sports around. We intend to influence bay area schools into development of a roller hockey league, and to raise awareness of hockey.

Our club is open to any and all Dominican students. We hope that our club brings back the love for the game, and provides students with the opportunity to forge new friendships, and to improve their fitness standards. We believe in the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind”, and offer not only the chance to keep physically active but also to provide students with an opportunity to let off some stress.

Our aim is to host practices and scrimmages each day at a time of which is convenient for students, and to develop a strong team dynamic between them. We hope to be a strong team, but most importantly to have fun and promote the spirit of DU and the greater student body.


Matt Welch, Email: [email protected]