Dominican's PRIDE (People Respecting Identity, Dignity and Equality) Club is dedicated to the principled tenants of: celebrating diversity, promoting acceptance, advocating equality and providing community.




Dominican's PRIDE passionately pursues success in its goals both within and beyond Dominican's campus. PRIDE Club meets with purposes as diverse as its membership; this includes engaging activities, education, support and community action. PRIDE Club believes in the power of education as a means of combating widespread hatred against the LGBTQIA community. PRIDE Club also works to offer a safe space for all individuals to gain support and be heard. Though pride originates from the equal marriage movement, PRIDE Club is not exclusive to any sexuality, gender, or self-identification. The concerns explored and considered by PRIDE Club range from sexuality, relationships, insecurities, social norms, to a plethora of human rights issues prevalent in our society.


Derian Ramos-Lopez, President of Pride Club: [email protected]
Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 8:00pm in Fanjeaux Student Union.

First Meeting: September 19,2018