Dominican Cycling Club

Whether it is mountain biking, road cycling, fixed gear, BMX, or leisure riding, the Dominican Cycling Club is a great opportunity for students and faculty to gather and ride competitively or just for fun and exercise.


...cycling club is one of the coolest things around. It's great we were able to make this club team as easily as we did. Right away we were able to get a decent amount of committed members, it was awesome. I'm really glad to be at this school and part of a club like this one. Riding these trails gives me the adrenaline rush I crave – it's great exercise, and the people we ride with are all really cool. It's always a good time. – Matt W.


The team serves as a community for people who share cycling interests whether it's mountain biking, road cycling, riding fixed gear or BMX. Marin County is known as not only the birthplace of mountain biking during the 1970’s on Mountain Tamalpais, but as one of the greatest areas for mountain biking in the entire nation! China Camp State Park is in Dominican's backyard, a terrain most universities don't have.


Competitive & Non-competitive 

Whether you have been riding for multiple years, or just starting, there are opportunities to ride for all levels. However, if you would like to ride competitively, there are mountain bike races that we partake in locally. Please contact Justin Valdez for all scheduled rides/events.



  • Group Rides
  • Bike Handling Clinics
  • Bike Maintenance Clinics
  • Mentoring


At an early age, I've always has a passion for bikingAs I grew older, I challenged myself in improving my skills and competing at the higher level. Being part of the club, I am able to share a mutual passion with adrenaline seeking individuals who share my love for tackling technical and challenging terrain. Although we are a small and young club, there is huge potential. Riders all around the world are always seeking new trails and for Dominican to be surrounded by endless trails, it's a mountain biker's paradise. – Justin V.

If you need a bike, a great resource for renting is Summit Bicycles located on 4th street, San Rafael. Their customer service is amazing and do a great job fixing bikes! Another great supporter is WTB (Wilderness Trail Bicycles) in Mill Valley.  



Justin Valdez    

Justin Tran

Spencer Stirling