Dominican University Skating Club


The Dominican University Skating Association has one main goal of providing a weekly meeting in which students can have a good time learning how to skate as well as bringing students with the same interests together. We believe it can be very necessary stress release, as well as it can help Dominican students learn the City of San Rafael. Being that freshmen cars are not permitted, many freshmen do not go out and explore their new city environment and at each of our meetings those who feel comfortable enough will be able to go out with one of the riding experts to explore the city and all it has to offer.

In addition to exposing our fellow students to this fun new sport of longboarding/skateboarding and exploring the city of San Rafael in a safe and relaxed group, we will also be asking for funding so that we can purchase longboards and skateboards for group use by students who simply cannot afford them. Longboards can get expensive and while the use of them can be very fun and enjoyable, many people don’t ever try it because of the price. In addition to funding we will plan fundraisers to buy group boards and at the end of the year we will attempt to hold raffle-drawings in which we will give away those boards and use the money to give back to our community by giving it back to ASDU for other club funds, or donating it to various community non-profit organizations.

Some trips we may consider if we can raise enough money consist of taking a bus to places like Santa Cruz where we can skate/longboard in a beautiful environment and further explore the bay area. Our main goal above all is to provide a fun experience for students. Something that students can look forward to when they need study breaks or are stressed out. It is a very simple concept to learn how to ride these boards but the bonding between students and the making of new friends is something we really look forward to. We do not require any experience in skating and we do not require group members to have boards. Anyone who wants to learn will be gladly invited to join us and our riding experts are always willing to teach anyone who really wants to learn. We are not demanding of our group members, they can come to meetings for only twenty minutes if they are busy with other matters or even skip meetings. We want to provide less stress for the student, not more and so we employ a “come as you please” policy. We look forward to all the enjoyment and productivity we can reach through this club as well as to give back to our San Rafael and Dominican communities.



Jacob Everhart President & ICC Rep [email protected]
Jared Huey Treasurer & Secretary