Student Judicial Board Representative

Margaret (Maggie) DePond

  • Age: 20
  • Hometown: Santa Rosa, California
  • Major: History
  • Other Activities: Chair of the Student Judicial Board

Hi everyone, my name is Margaret DePond, but please call me Maggie.  I am 20 years old and from Santa Rosa, California.  Currently I am a junior at Dominican, majoring in history.

Eventually, I would like to be a professional historian, working at a university researching and teaching classes (fun to me, but maybe not to everyone else). 

On ASDU I am the Judicial Board representative, speaking on behalf of Dominican's Student Judicial Board.  By becoming active on both the Judicial Board and ASDU, I hope we can review policies regarding all aspects of student life.  All in all, I want a strong student voice in the policy making of Dominican. 

Besides being on ASDU, I also do a lot of school work, hang out with my friends and my boyfriend, try and play golf and generally have a great time