David R. Ramirez III

  • Class: Senior
  • Age: 21
  • Hometown: San Marcos, California
  • Major: Biology
  • Concentration: Pre-Med and Molecular Cell Biology
  • Minor: Chemistry
  • Other Activities: President of Gay Straight Alliance, President of The Green Club, Member of the San Rafael Jaycee’s, Student Ambassador, Member of the Black Student Union and Latino Cultural Club
  • Previous ASDU Experience: Director of Community Outreach (06-07), Vice President (07-08)

I have been part of ASDU since my sophomore year at Dominican.  Every single year, I have improved my relations with students and administration and I do believe this year will be a great one for the Dominican community. This year, I plan to focus my duties as President serving the students of Dominican in any way I can.  Whether it be pressuring the administration to improve the conditions of the residence halls or increasing library hours; I am here to serve the Dominican students. I want to raise awareness of student issues.  I have many goals that I would like to see come to reality this year and I believe with my dedication and support from the students, these goals will be achieved. 

You can guarantee you will get to know me this year as I am very proactive in the Dominican community.  I love having discussions with students about Dominican, their academics and their personal lives.  Don’t be surprised if you see me coming up to you at breakfast, lunch, dinner or even around campus, asking for your opinion or even asking how your day is going.   I want students, faculty, staff and administration to know I am here whenever they may need me. 
In my spare time away from my duties as President, you can find me in the Science Center doing research or just hanging out in my research advisor’s lab.  I encourage students to visit me during my office hours in the student union or even coming up to my dorm room to just have a conversation with me.  Also, I love to work out at the gym or even go running around the campus or on the fire trail. 

My goal this year is to learn everyone’s name (first and last). Last year, I was somewhat successful but I will make this a priority this year! Promise!

Upon graduating, I would love to attend Graduate school to pursue a Ph. D. in Biology.  I would love to work as a research professor conducting research on animal and human behavior, anatomy/physiology, and biological education.  I would love to publish biology text books and create lab manuals for college courses.  I do plan to run for public office either at the state or federal level.  The highest level I would like to be in office is Governor or State Senator.