Campus Ministry Representative

Maryah Tucker

  • Hometown: Millbrae
  • Major: Liberal Studies
  • Other Activities:  Member of Gay Straight Alliance, Student Judicial Board, Campus Ministry

Hello there, my name is Maryah Tucker.  I hold the Campus Ministry Rep. position on ASDU.  I am a Liberal Studies Major where I am gaining great tools to use as an Elementary School teacher.  This year some of my main goals for Campus Ministry, besides promoting all of our events, is to show that we are not just a “Catholic” group. 

Campus Ministry is for anyone who has faith that there is a God, no matter what your religion maybe.  Along with that I also would like to show that Campus Ministry is a lot more than just Mass and Bible Study.  Besides being the Campus Ministry Rep. for ASDU, I am also a member of the GSA and I sit on the Judicial Board.  If there are any questions about Campus Ministry you can normally find me at meals in Caleruega sitting with way to many people at one table, or stop by Sister Carla’s office on the first floor of Pennafort.