The Associated Students of Dominican (ASDU) enhances the quality of life for the student body by addressing student concerns, promoting student morale, and encouraging participation and community through social and cultural programming.

ASDU is the governing body which represents the voice of students and advocates for all student rights regardless of sex, race, creed, nationality, sexuality, disability, and religion. Our mission to uphold and build upon the traditions, values and ideals of the Dominican. ASDU exists as a knowledgeable and professional entity who actively serves as a catalyst for student development. ASDU works toward cultivating strong relationships among the students, faculty, staff and administration of Dominican as well as the greater Marin community.

This group of elected student representatives functions both as the student activities association and the student government board. The members of the ASDU Senate are composed of representatives from all four class levels of regular day program students. 

Events sponsored or co-sponsored by ASDU

ASDU is committed to organizing events, socials and volunteer activities for the entire student body. Opportunities exist for involvement in many activities both on and off-campus and all ASDU meetings are open to the public. Non-ASDU members are invited to join these committees in an effort to encourage participation between the student body and the student government. Involvement includes biweekly meetings. For more information, contact your ASDU representative.

Students who perceive a need for a new club or organization on campus are invited to discuss their ideas with ASDU and the Director of Student Activities and Leadership. ASDU is committed to helping student clubs and organizations through funding support and publicity. 

ASDU 2018- 2019 Board

President: Noreen Hasan, ‘19

Vice President: Elena Brown, '20

Treasurer: Samantha Easley, ‘19

Executive Secretary: Mariana Hernandez, '20

Director of Communications: Oliver Demmert-Shelfo, '19

Director of Programming: Emma Tobola, ‘19

Director of Inter-Club Council: Briana Chavez, ‘19

Director of Diversity & Inclusion: Vanessa Groppetti, '21

Senior Class Senators: Matt Case & Rachel Stowell, ’19

Junior Class Senators : Taylin Ashley-White & Lorena Paredes, ’20

Sophomore Class Senators: Allison Kustic & Katya Palacios, ‘21

Freshman Class Senators: Spencer Davidson & Ana Herrera, '22

Feel free to check out here the currently amended ASDU Constitution for a better understanding of ASDU and a more in-depth look at the broader picture of student governance at Dominican.