New Student Orientation

To ensure a positive start to your college experience, at orientation, you will have an opportunity to meet fellow students, familiarize yourself with our campus and learn about Dominican history and traditions.

New Student Orientation

All first-year students are expected to participate in our New Student Orientation program. It is designed to help you get to know your fellow students, become more familiar with the campus, learn about Dominican history and traditions, and most importantly...have a great start to your college experience. There will be sessions where we take care of the "business" of being a student, and there will be fun sessions where you get to meet your fellow penguins. Orientation leaders will be your guides throughout the three-day event and they look forward to meeting you in August!

First-Year Student Orientation

Orientation will be taking place from August 21-25, more details will be coming your way soon.



Gaby Bermudez, Assistant Director of Student Engagement
[email protected] or 415.485.3282