When to file a report

There are many resources available at Dominican to help. Your report to the CARE Team can make a difference. The behaviors listed below, especially when more than one are present, may be signs that a student, faculty member or staff member is in distress.

Is someone you know...

  • experiencing a decline in work or academic performance?
  • demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior?
  • showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight?
  • having problems at home, with classes or work?
  • making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers?
  • sad, anxious or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?
  • abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • isolating themselves socially?
  • acting paranoid or suspicious?
  • frequently angry or easily frustrated?
  • struggling with health problems?

There are two primary ways to report concerns:

1. Use the referral form to Refer a Student for Help.  

2. Contact a CARE Team member directly.

Note: If there is an immediate concern for safety or threat to life, call Campus Security (415-269-6070) and when necessary 911.

Your report will be reviewed by the CARE Team and addressed accordingly.  

Considerations when referring a student for help:

In your referral, please include all pertinent information regarding the student’s concerning behavior, while refraining from diagnosing or suspecting a mental health issue. The referral should provide a detailed description of the incident or behavior that is causing concern, using language that is as specific, concise and objective as possible.

If there are relevant documents to include (emailed communication, for example), you can include them in the report.

Any information submitted in a CARE referral becomes part of the student’s educational record (subject to FERPA) and may be disclosed to the student upon the student's request. Although you can request to remain anonymous when referring a student, it is most helpful if you let the student know that your are referring her or him for help because you are concerned.  

What Occurs Next

Once a student is referred to the CARE Team, the referral will be reviewed by a member of the team and an attempt will be made to gather any additional information that may be useful in understanding the student's behavior.  After review, appropriate outreach will be conducted.

Depending on the information submitted, you may not receive further updates on the student unless requested.  If you have follow-up questions or concerns regarding the status of a referral, please contact the Associate Dean of Students.  If the behavior/concern does not improve or continues to worsen, please submit another referral to let us know you are not seeing improvement.


Get Help in an Emergency if there is an imminent threat to anyone's personal safety or there is and emergency in progress, call the San Rafael Police Department at 911.