Gender-Based Misconduct Services

Another direct service provided to students through Dominican is assistance navigating the University’s response to reports of gender-based misconduct.

Gender-based misconduct includes all forms of dating and domestic violence and sexual misconduct as defined in the Student Code of Conduct as well as stalking and any other misconduct where the complainant is alleged to have been targeted because of sex, gender, or gender-expression.

University staff and faculty members who are considered "responsible employees" under Title IX must inform the Title IX Coordinator whenever they become aware of an incident of reported sexual assault or other gender-based misconduct. Outreach will then be conducted according to the procedures outlined in the Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation Policy. The investigation will include an explanation of options available to the complainant, a preliminary investigation into the report to assess risk to the campus community, and personalized referrals to various support resources as needed.

For survivors of gender-based misconduct who wish to speak to a confidential source on campus, they may contact one or more of the following individuals on campus to schedule an appointment:


Students who wish to report gender-based misconduct involving students, faculty, or staff may contact the Title IX Coordinator, Wendy Lee at 415.257.1354. Anonymous reporting is permitted, though our ability to respond may be limited.