Career Network

Find Jobs and Internships through Dominican's Career Network (DCN). This is a free on-line job listing and job search resource.


Self-register for the Dominican Career Network. Upon approval, create a profile that includes contact information and other preferences and other relevant (e.g. major, expected graduation date) information. Use DCN to search for full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships. Students can upload unlimited resumes, cover letters, and other documents (e.g. transcripts, references). You may also apply for jobs and employers can respond through the DCN database. Other features include ability for you to view Career and Internship Services events (e.g. fairs, workshops, information sessions) and receive email notification on jobs, internships, and events meeting your selection criteria.


Career and Internship Services at Dominican University of California is committed to ensuring the privacy of confidential information of our students and alumni. All data collected for our job listing/resume databases is stored on NACElink secure servers. The information collected is used to provide and tailor services to Dominican Career Network users. It is also used to construct aggregate reports that assist us in program planning. 

Collection and use of data by Career and Internship Services is governed by the following campus and federal policies:

  • The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career and Internship Services is a member of NACE and operates under its guidelines, which includes statement regarding confidentiality “Any disclosure of student information outside of the educational institution will be with prior consent of the student unless health and/or safety considerations necessitate the dissemination of such information. Career Services professionals will exercise sound judgment and fairness in maintaining the confidentiality of student information, regardless of the source, including written records, reports, and computer databases.”


All of our users’ information is considered confidential and its use is restricted to the Career and Internship Services staff, on an as-needed basis.


NACElink does not screen job postings. Site users are urged to use caution when applying. Do not disclose Social Security numbers, credit card information, or bank account numbers with unknown employers.


 **If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding the Privacy Policy please contact Jennifer Armstrong at 415-485-3235.