University Counseling Services

Our program provides a supportive environment where you can explore, change and grow at your own pace, based on your own needs and desires.

Who can use Counseling Services?
All students are eligible to use the counseling services during the time of your enrollment at Dominican. There is no cost.

Why should I go to Counseling Services?
We all have a variety of concerns that can affect how we deal with the day-to-day world. Having someone to talk to can often help us put things into perspective and make decisions that will enhance our lives and relationships. Counseling can deal with issues such as relationships, school, test anxiety, study problems, suicidal thoughts, family conflict, alcohol and drug use, stress and general feelings of being “stuck.” Sometimes you may not have a specific concern, but just need to talk to someone. Clients have been helped greatly by the service the counselors have provided.

The counselors have diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of information and skill to their interaction with students. I am confident your experiences with Dominican's Counseling Services will be beneficial. — Paul Raccanello, Dean of Students

Who are the counselors?
The counselors are MFT trainees or interns who are advanced students in or graduates of the Master's in Counseling Psychology program at Dominican under the supervision of Diane A. Suffridge, Ph.D., licensed psychologist (PSY10707).

How do I make an appointment?
Counseling appointments can be made by calling 415.485.3258 or by completing a request form in the Student Health Center (Bertrand Hall Rm 100). Appointments are available Monday through Friday mornings, afternoons, and some evenings. Appointments usually run 50 minutes long.

Counseling sessions are personal and private. All sessions are confidential, with the exception of information indicating a danger to yourself or someone else.