Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health Advisory Committee is a group of students who provide an essential link between the Dominican student body, the Student Health Center, and University Counseling Services.


The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is here to represent you regarding student health concerns, student well-being, and providing feedback on University wellness initiatives. The committee also educates and promotes health, medical and counseling services available on campus.

Our SHAC team includes:

  • Justine Mae Bonificio: Class of ‘21, Business Major
  • Anna Musilami: Class of ’18, Global Public Health with a Business Minor 
  • Noemie Von Kaenel: Class of ‘20 and ‘21 (Masters), Occupational Therapy 
  • Emily Rakitnichan: Class of ‘21, Nursing Major 
  • Adam Chan: Class of ‘19, OT Masters 
  • Abigail Baltzer: Class of ‘20, Nursing Major 
  • Criselle Ramos: Class of ’21, Psychology Major 
  • Hannah Tashjian: Class of ’18, OT Masters 
  • Nora Fey: Class of ’21, Nursing Major, SHC Student Employee 
  • Penelope Dragovic: MFT Trainee, University Counseling Services 
  • Susana McKeough, MS, FNP, Student Health Center Director 

We welcome your feedback, ideas, concerns, or questions regarding student physical and mental health, and Student Health and University Counseling Services. Your SHAC representatives will share your feedback with the committee for discussion.