Barowsky School of Business

Starting with a major seed gift from Dominican Trustee and Chair Andrew P. Barowsky, we'll build a business school designed to inspire and educate the next generation of global leadership.


What will it look like?

  • A renovated facility that reflects the best thinking in the design of professional business schools. Classrooms tailored to a 21st century business education. Technology that gives the school a global reach. 
  • A redesigned academic program. We’ll incorporate new thinking and best practices into our graduate and undergraduate academic programs. One example: We’ll offer a common MBA program with a range of specializations including family business, allowing us to respond to the demands of the field. 
  • An emphasis on global programming. MBA students will have a required global consulting experience, featuring team-based, hands-on work with organizations in countries around the world. Undergraduates can take advantage of our new partnerships with major international universities, by engaging in internships, coursework, and collaborative projects with students in countries such as China, France, Taiwan and Mexico. 

    We want our students to be globally adaptable, globally competent, globally successful.
    A new world is here. Our students will be ready for it.

We’re willing to ask the hard questions: How can we create a business school that not only anticipates change but also creates it? How can we respect our traditions, nurture our community, and be a truly global institution? Our goal is to be flexible, strategic, responsive—and always to be Dominican.

— Andrew P. Barowsky
Chair, Board of Trustees


This is a place where change is happening, new ideas are always bubbling up, there’s a willingness to work collaboratively. I’ve taught and served as an administrator in institutions around the world. But I saw something rare here. You see it in our administration, our faculty, our students: This is the new breed of global leaders.

— Sam Beldona
Dean, Andrew P. Barowsky School of Business