The Transformation

The Meadowlands Renovation, a transformation of the interior and exterior building began in late fall, 2013 and will continue through March, 2014. The timeline for this project completion is 2015 with expected student utilization in the fall of 2015. It is currently anticipated the project will finish on schedule.


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Environmental and Safety 

Meadowlands is being designed and constructed as a sustainable facility under the LEED Commercial Interiors 2009 (CI) category. 

  • A new fire alarm system is being installed throughout the building, along with a new fire sprinkler system.
  • Windows are being replaced and restored, depending on their location and condition.
  • Radiant heat will be installed throughout all floors and structural steel placement will continue.
  • Two electric vehicle charging ports will be installed and there will be one carpool parking space in front of the building.
  • A photovoltaic system will be installed.
  • Occupancy sensors will be installed.
  • All construction debris will be recycled.