Daniel Mabaet

Daniel Mabaet is a young man headed to graduate dental school at Tufts University in Boston, yet he is already thinking about growing old and fondly reminiscing about Dominican.
“Thirty years from now, I will look back at my experience at Dominican and remember the community I was surrounded with. I have seen and personally experienced the natural gravitation students have with other students”

“Despite being a commuter student, students made me feel included and always at home.”

Daniel, biology major from Vallejo, wants Dominican students who follow him to have a similar experience. At the end of each semester at the University he took the time and gave great thought in completing a survey asking what Dominican can do to build upon its academic reputation.

“This was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me because it showed that the school seriously values its students' opinion,” Daniel says. “Knowing that the next class will have a better experience in a class shows the growth that Dominican is willing to undergo to help its students.”

The son of Pilipino parents, Daniel thrived in the Biology department. He became a member of the Tri-Beta Honor Society at Dominican.

“The Biology classes taught at Dominican were organized so that knowledge from one class worked in conjunction with another class. This organization was super essential to my learning experience because it helped reinforce new material as well as helped retain old knowledge,” Daniel says. “For instance, students from other schools have the option to take Biochemistry before taking Organic Chemistry, which is a bad idea because the concepts in O. Chem are important to learn before putting your foot into Biochem. This has helped me prepare for dental school because all of the science courses I'll be taking are biomedical and since knowledge has continually been retouched and supported with new knowledge every semester, I know that major concepts have been engraved in my head.”

 It was Dr. Maggie Louie, associate professor of biochemistry, who supported Daniel and encouraged him to apply to grad school. But it didn’t stop there.

“A major highlight for me at Dominican was when the Biology department asked me to give students hints and advice on applying to graduate school,” Daniel says. “I gladly accepted the offer because I believe the students at this school have the potential to become great professionals in whatever career they choose.”