Kaitlynn Baptista

Kaitlynn Baptista is all set to pursue her doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Pacific in the fall, a path she discovered after emerging from Dominican’s partnership with the Kaiser Permanente’s Scholars and Mentors Program with a greater understanding of what she wanted to do and what course she wanted to take to do it.

Natalie Bentz

When Natalie Bentz enrolled at Dominican as a business administration major her freshman year, she brought quite a business sense with her.

Michelle Bernard

When Michelle Bernard first visited Dominican, it was at an open house and it painted a perfect picture that she belonged here.

Leona George-Davidson

As founder of a non-profit organization focused on supporting the underprivileged, Leona George-Davidson brought her personal mission statement to Dominican -- people helping people -- when she joined the Adult Degree Completion program.

Jaclyn Fok

For Jaclyn Fok, coming to Dominican was love at first sight from the moment she stepped on campus as a high school sophomore and discovered the University’s 4+1 occupational therapy program.

Connor Haysbert

Connor Haysbert, named Dominican's Outstanding Student at Commencement on May 17, was recruited to the University primarily as a NCAA Division II basketball player, but his inspiration as a pre-med student was fueled by the associate professor of biochemistry in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Kathryn Davidson

Graduate student Kathryn Davidson received her MS in Biological Sciences at Commencement on May 17. She should have received a standing ovation as well for her work balancing raising a family with her studies in academia and her work with a major biotech firm.

Daniel Mabaet

Daniel Mabaet is a young man headed to graduate dental school at Tufts University in Boston, yet he is already thinking about growing old and fondly reminiscing about Dominican.

Rebecca Morgenstern

As a junior in high school, Rebecca Morgenstern first discovered the four ideals of Dominican – Study, Reflection, Community and Service – and immediately identified with them.

Alexis Staley

From her hometown in Maryland, Alexis Staley could see that the Alonzo King LINES Ballet/BFA in Dance program at Dominican is where she wanted and needed to be.

Evan Ferguson

Humanities graduate Evan Ferguson '14 this fall is enrolled in UC Berkeley School of Law/Boalt Hall after also being accepted to law schools at Emory, UC Davis and the University of Southern California, altogether a remarkable achievement.

Lynsie Ulrich

If hard work indeed pays off, Lynsie Ulrich felt rewarded for finding work before she left college. The Summa Cum Laude honors student, a business administration major with concentrations in accounting and management, graduated from Dominican in May and immediately secured a full-time position as an auditor with KPMG LLP in the Financial District in San Francisco next summer after completing her MBA.