Brianna Wilson

Brianna Wilson’s inspiration to dance is easily measured.

“To me it’s the most thrilling vehicle of expression,” says the freshman in Dominican’s LINES Ballet BFA in Dance program. “I just love that you can say so much through your movement.”

Bri’s inspiration for coming to Dominican can be measured, too. By movement.

Ask what has impressed her about Dominican and Bri will use her hands.

“I love the relationships here. It’s not like professor and student,” she says, holding her hands far apart.

“It’s like professor and student,” she says, closing her hands to reflect an equal level.

Bri is one of 13 freshmen in Dominican’s LINES program. She hails from Petoskey, Michigan, a small town along the shore of Lake Michigan. Dominican’s BFA in Dance now has 42 students from 21 states and one foreign country enrolled in its program.

It was in Petoskey where Bri, at the age of seven, decided to pursue dance after watching her younger sister take ballet classes. By age 12, Bri was hooked when her instructor, Ms. Heather Raue, sent her a congratulatory letter on the Fourth of July for advancing to pointe shoes.  Bri eventually gravitated from classical ballet toward contemporary dancing because “moving in the contemporary vein felt better.”

By the time she was a member of the National Honor Society at Petoskey High School, Bri’s contemporary dance career was taking her all over the country. During her junior year she drove to Chicago to audition for the summer intensive program at LINES Ballet.  After she was accepted, Bri flew for the first time to San Francisco.

One day, while standing outside a studio at LINES, Bri saw a poster about the Dominican LINES Ballet BFA in Dance program. She made a special trip to Dominican’s San Rafael campus and immediately upon arriving felt right at home.

“I knew in my heart I was coming here,” Bri recalls.

But first she had to fly to New York her senior year to audition for BFA program director Marina Hotchkiss. Bri received a coveted Trustee Scholarship to attend Dominican.

I really liked Dominican’s emphasis on helping the individual student grow and understand how they can work and fit into the real world.

Bri’s transition at Dominican couldn’t have been nicer. Seniors in the BFA in Dance program hosted a picnic for the incoming freshmen and Bri is excited about Dominican’s First-Year Experience program focused on Big History. She also is impressed with her World Religions class instructor Gay Lynch.

Through the BFA, Dominican is prepared to help Bri achieve her goals.

“I love to share and I know dancing is how I want to share myself and my passions with the world,” she says “I want to become a more sensitive dancer. I want to have a sense of exactly the kind of work I want to do – I know I want to perform but I’m not sure with which company. I’ve toyed with thought of  choreographing and I also like to teach. By the time I graduate, I’d like to have a truer sense of where I would fit into the dance world.”