Do you have questions about transferring to Dominican? Here are many frequently asked questions about deadlines, deposits, and prerequisites. You can always contact us if you have more questions!

All Transfer Students FAQ

Which semesters do you accept applications for?

Fall and Spring

Do you have a minimum GPA requirement? 

Yes, we require a minimum GPA of 2.5 for admission to the University. For our Nursing program, we require a minimum GPA of 3.25.  

When is the deadline to apply?

For most majors, we have a rolling admissions process and we accept applications year-round. 

See Nursing FAQ for the nursing department's deadlines. 

What are the essay questions on the application? 

A 500 word essay must accompany your application. 

For Nursing  please submit an essay that addresses the following: 

Why you would like to major in Nursing  and what contributions do you see yourself making to the profession? 

For all other majors, please respond to one of the following essay prompts:  

  1. Describe a challenge you overcame. How did you overcome it? How did it impact you as a person?
  2. Dominican University values the ideals of Study, Community, Reflection, and Service. Please write about one of these ideals and what it means to you.

Is it OK to submit application after the May 1 deposit deadline?

Yes, transfer students have a much more lenient deadline for admission. We admit students up until August 1. 

How much is it to apply?

Free! There is no application fee.

What if I deferred my admission?

You will receive a new admission letter for that term after the census date.

  • Fall defer to Spring: New letter will arrive after September 17. 
  • Spring defer to Fall: New letter will arrive after February 15

When can I expect to receive a decision?

For most majors, once we receive all of your materials, you can expect to receive a decision within 3 to 4 weeks.

Do I need to turn in my high school transcripts?

You do not need to turn in high school transcripts. Just provide us with your high school name and graduation year. If you took a GED or CHSPE exam in lieu of your high school diploma, please provide us with the date you passed the exam. 

Which type of transcripts will you accept? Unofficial or official? How do I submit them?

If you are in progress for classes, we will accept unofficial transcripts to review your application. However, in order to receive credit for those classes, you must submit official transcripts once all classes are complete. Official transcripts are recommended. 

I completed college coursework a long time ago. Will any of those credits still count?

Most likely! Very few courses have a "date of expiration." Certain majors may require that major coursework be completed within a given time frame. Your academic adviser will inform you if coursework is not transferable due to time restraints.

Do I have the same privileges and resources as all other undergraduate Dominican students?

Yes. You have access to all the same resources, including the library, Conlan Recreation Center (including the weight room and swimming pool), career services, advising, tutoring, and counseling services. As a Transfer student, you are a valued part of our Dominican community! 

Can I visit campus? 

Yes! Schedule your tour here

Nursing Students FAQ 

What is needed to be admissible to the nursing program?

When is the application deadline?

Visit our deadline page. Nursing applications are not accepted after the deadline. All required documents must be turned in to admissions by this date.

What are the essay questions on the application? 

A 500 word essay must accompany your application. For Nursing please submit an essay that addresses the following: 

  • Why do you want to major in Nursing  and what contributions do you see yourself making to the profession? 

Do you review applications on a point system?

No, we look at each student on a holistic basis to get to know them and see if they are a good fit for the program.

How long is the program?

The direct-entry program is three-years long including five semesters of clinical hours where students are able to gain well-rounded experience in the nursing field.

Can I accelerate my progress in the program if I have done nursing classes elsewhere?

No, our program cannot be shortened due to our extensive clinical hours that need to be completed.

Do you accept second degree-seeking students?

Yes. Second degree-seeking students still need to complete all of the prerequisites to be admissible to the program.

I have completed my nursing degree in another country. What kind of program suits me?

The International Educated Nursing program is specifically geared toward students who are licensed as an RN in another country and need to take classes for California.