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Become a Physician Assistant, ranked third by US News and World Report's 100 Best Jobs of 2019 and number one for Best Healthcare Jobs of 2019, while learning the practice of medicine from expert medical providers, and building your network in the Bay Area.

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The MS in Physician Assistant Studies program utilizes CASPA for applications. There is no Dominican application required. 

Our admissions and recruitment strategy reflects the program's mission and is aligned with school policy on fair admission practices. We give some consideration to the background of the applicant and his or her suitability for successful completion of the program and to increased diversity in the student body. 

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Admissions Process Timeline

Application Period                                                  Timeline                                                                     
CASPA Application Window May 1 - October 1
Interviews  September - November
Admission Decisions Rolling Basis 


Admission Criteria

Admission is a competitive process. Applicants will be evaluated on their written application materials, interviews, and assessment of several criteria including academic abilities, oral and written communication skills, emotional maturity, and the applicant’s understanding of the profession and his/her motivation to succeed. After a review of the written materials, applicants determined most likely to succeed will progress to the interview stage.

1. Completed CASPA application

2. Bachelor's degree in any field

3. Completion of all prerequisite courses
Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of B or higher, however, a grade of B- will be considered. Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses (including labs) must be completed within 10 years of expected year of matriculation. Completion of all prerequisites is mandatory. If prerequisites are in progress, a candidate will not be considered for admission. 

4. 3.0 GPA or higher
Required for overall coursework and, in last 30 hours of science courses. 

5. Personal Interview
Applicants who have been selected to continue on in the application process will receive an invitation to interview. 

6. Three Letters of Recommendation 
May be from previous instructors or employers. Recommendations from clinicians are given more value. 

7. Personal Statement
Real-time, self-written personal statement on why Physician Assistant is your choice profession. 

8. 500 Direct Patient Contact Hours
A minimum of 500 paid or volunteer direct patient contact hours as a paramedic, phlebotomist, nurse, radiology technician, dental assistant, respiratory therapist, medical assistant, or medical scribe.

9. 8 hours working with a PA
A minimum of 8 hours shadowing or working with a Physician Assistant.  

10. Exams

  • GRE: recommended but not required, code: 2587

  • TOEFL: Applicants whose native language is not English and who have not completed their degree in the U.S. or Canada will be required to submit current TOEFL scores, regardless of their citizenship status. Minimum TOEFL score required: 600 or above on the paper-based test; 100 or above on the internet-based test.

Preference will be given to those who additionally have one or more of the following: Overall and last 30 Science GPA of ≥ 3.50, veteran status, Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) or Paramedic certification, experience as a medical technician in the military, a job in healthcare with direct patient contact or extensive experience with direct patient care (eg. > 500 hours and > 4000 hours), a degree from Dominican University of CA (DUOC), a SES disadvantaged background, residence in a medically-underserved geographic catchment area or residence in a county with geographic proximity to DUOC, foreign language fluency, esp. Spanish, and PA shadowing more hours than required or in multiple settings. In addition, preference is also given to those who have performed volunteer work and completed recommended coursework as noted on the prerequisites tab under "strongly recommended".

Clinical Participation

Prior to any clinical experiences, students must have proof of up-to-date immunizations and screening and must meet the Technical Standards required for admission. 

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