Vocational Rehabilitation

Veterans participating in Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Programs (Voc Rehab) may receive a Chapter 31 subsistence allowance while pursuing an educational program.

The subsistence allowance is paid each month and is based on the student's level of enrollment (i.e. half-time, three-quarters-time, full-time), the number of dependents the student has, and the type of program/training.

Number of Dependents

Full-Time Enrollment

Three-Quarter Time Enrollment

Half-Time Enrollment

No Dependents




One Dependent




Two Dependents




Each Additional Dependent




However, if the student qualifies for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, the student may be eligible to receive the Basic Allowance for Housing rate for subsistence rather than the Ch 31 allowance.

Basic Allowance for Housing Rate for Subsistence
Enrollment BAH Rate
Full-Time 100% BAH of Institution Zip Code (94901)
Three-Quarters-Time 75% BAH of Institution Zip Code (94901)
Half-Time 50% BAH of Institution Zip Code (94901)

Most Voc Rehab students at Dominican work with the Oakland, CA Regional Benefit Office.