Study Abroad

At Dominican, we encourage undergraduate students to participate in approved and sponsored exchange programs as part of the Engaged Learning Initiative.

Using Federal State, and Dominican Financial Aid for Study Abroad

The following financial aid policies apply:

  1. Full time students approved by the Global Education Office (GEO) for participation in the Dominican Study Abroad Program may request the use of their financial aid for study abroad at exchange partner institutions.
  2. Students may use their financial aid and scholarships for study abroad at institutions on the Dominican approved list only
  3. Federal, state, and institutional funds may be used during a study abroad semester(s).
  4. All financial aid is first applied to the cost of Dominican tuition
  5. Remaining aid may be applied to room and board costs at host institution
  6. Students should work with a Financial Aid Advisor to determine the amount of aid available for host institution's room and board. The amount of this aid will be communicated to GEO for use in the student's visa application


Non-Dominican Overseas Programs

Non-Dominican overseas Programs are organized, non-exchange, overseas study programs not affiliated with Dominican University of California.

  1. Students selecting a non-Dominican overseas program will not be able to use federal, state, or Dominican funds toward the costs of the program
  2. Dominican University does not engage in consortium agreements with other higher education institutions for transfer of financial aid
  3. Students selecting a non-Dominican overseas program should fill out a planned Leave of Absence Form available in the Registrar's Office


Global Education Office

All Study Abroad programs are managed by the Global Education Office.