Long-Term Laptop Loan Program

The Long Term Laptop Loan program has been designed by the University's Alemany Library staff to meet the needs of students who are unable to afford their own computers. Students who have found purchasing a laptop or desktop computer beyond their financial means are welcome to apply. We will provide a laptop, charger, and case to a limited number of students for up to the length of an entire semester. Students who receive an extended laptop loan must return the computer at the end of the semester, but are eligible to reapply.


Any full time Dominican student may apply, but students in the following categories will be given priority for this program:

  1. Students who are receive or are eligible to receive Pell Grant.
  2. Students whose EFC as calculated by FAFSA is between 0 and 5000.
  3. Students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study.

Application process

Students should submit a copy of their financial aid award letter and a 300-500 word application letter to Ethan Annis, at the circulation desk in the Library. In the application letter please describe your financial situation and explain how a semester-long laptop loan would aid in your studies at Dominican University. The letter should also include your full name and student email address.

Note: Please visit the Office of Financial Aid for a copy of your financial aid award letter.

Deadline to apply

Applications may be turned in at the circulation desk in the library anytime, but priority will be given to applications received within the first three weeks of a new semester. If a student's application is accepted, the laptop, charger, and case will typically be due back on the last day of that semester. Fines stipulated in the Apple Laptop Agreement, Terms and Conditions will apply to overdue laptops.


For questions about this program or the application process, email Ethan Annis at: [email protected]