Financial Aid Q&A

Dominican commits over $19 million each year for institutionally-funded scholarships and grants that directly reduce cost of attendance. Scholarships and grants from other sources (federal, state, or private) also directly reduce the cost of attending Dominican. In addition, educational loan programs can help finance part or all of any remaining costs. 

How much does it cost to attend Dominican?

Costs are determined annually and are subject to change. For the 2015-16 academic year, tuition and fees total $42,100. On campus double occupancy housing and 14 meal plan is about $13,380. Books, supplies, transportation and other expenses average about $5,000 per year.

What is the average financial aid award at Dominican?

For fall 2013, the average Dominican gift award (scholarships and grants) was approximately $17,583. Students who applied for need-based aid also received an average of $4,360 in federal and state grants in addition to Dominican gift aid. As with any average, some students received less and some students received more depending on factors such as academic merit and financial need.

How do I apply for grants?

Completing the financial aid process at Dominican is easy. First, complete the 2015-16 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To meet our priority deadline, complete the FAFSA after January 1 but before March 2, 2016. Once we receive your FAFSA results, we will let you know by e-mail if you need to send us anything else.

What kinds of scholarships are available?

Dominican offers scholarships based on academic accomplishments, athletic abilities, musical talent, and participation in our Honors program:

  • Trustee, Presidential, and Deans merit scholarships
  • Scholar in the World awards
  • Coaches awards
  • Music scholarships

How are merit scholarships determined?

At the point of admission, each undergraduate day student is automatically considered for a renewable Dominican merit scholarship. For new freshmen, scholarships are based on high school grade point average (GPA). For new transfers with more than 12 transfer units, scholarships are based on college GPA for all transferable coursework.

Are merit scholarships renewable?

Yes. Our merit scholarships are renewable as long as the student maintains the required cumulative GPA and continues as a full-time student.

I don’t think I’m eligible for financial aid. Should I apply?

The best strategy is for you to apply for as many sources of scholarship and grant aid as possible, even if you do not think you may qualify. Applying ensures you may be fully considered for all types of aid. There is no cost involved in submitting a financial aid application!

Should I consider student loans?

Student loans represent a manageable way to access funds you need now to invest in your future. Consider this: the sticker price for a premium automobile can be about $30,000 or more but depreciates in value over time. Borrowing the maximum in federal student loans totals $27,000 and the value of a private college education lasts a lifetime.

What if I need other loans?

Parent and private credit-based loans can help families finance their share of the cost of education after any student aid. The choice to borrow reflects a family decision. Credit-based loans generally require a two-year credit and employment history. Students usually borrow with an eligible co-signer. Please visit our website for specific information on these types of loans and for links to comparison sites.

What do I need to know for FAFSA?

Remember to include Dominican's federal school code on the FAFSA: 001196. For the 2016 - 2017 academic year, Dominican's priority deadline is March 2, 2016.