Undergraduate Tuition

If you are considering applying to Dominican as a first-year freshman, transfer student, or international student, we would be glad to help you through the process.

2018 - 2019 Undergraduate Estimated Cost of Attendance



Live On-Campus

Live Off-Campus

Live with Parents


$45,350 $45,350 $45,350
Fees (Campus Comp/Activity) $500 $500 $500
Room and Board $14,210** $5,418 $5,418
Books/Supplies $1,918 $1,918 $1,918
Transportation $846 $1,108 $1,108
Personal Expenses $2,394 $3,258 $3,258
TOTAL $65,218 $57,552 $57,552


*Assumes full-time enrollment (between 12 - 17 units) for both the Fall and Spring semesters.
**On-Campus Room and Board assumes the student has a double occupancy on-campus dorm room and the 14 meals per week plan.

Prospective first-year, undergraduate day program students may view general estimates of cost along with estimated financial aid the student may be eligible for by using our Net Price Calculator.


Tuition for full-time enrollment for both the Fall and Spring semesters is $45,350. If a student exceeds 17 units in a Fall/Spring semester, tuition will increase by $1,900 per excess unit. Fall/Spring part-time tuition (less than 12 units) is $1,900 per unit.

Summer tuition is assessed at $700 per unit.

Campus Fees

All Undergraduate Day Program students are assessed a $200 non-refundable Campus Comprehensive Fee for each semester attended and a $100 ASDU Activities Fee each Fall/Spring semester attended.

International students are assessed a $100 fee for each semester attended as well as assessed a $650 health insurance fee.

Room and Board

Room and Board in the above chart is quoted for Double Occupancy Room and 14 meals/week plan. Costs will change depending on if the student is in a dorm or town home, the occupancy size of the room (single, double or triple), and the type of meal plan selected (10, 14 or 19 meals/week plan). A meal plan is required for all on-campus residents.

 On-Campus Dorm Rates (full year):

  • Single Occupancy Room – $9,930
  • Double Occupancy Room – $8,280
  • Triple Occupancy Room – $6,810

Meal Plan Rates (full year):

  • 10 Meals/Week Plan – $5,820
  • 14 Meals/Week Plan – $5,930
  • 19 Meals/Week Plan – $6,530

Town Home Rates (full year):

  • Single Occupancy Room - $13,440
  • Large Double Occupancy Room - $11,760
  • Small Double Occupancy Room - $11,280

The Town Homes are 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom apartments located near campus. Each apartment will contain two double occupancy rooms and one single occupancy room in addition to the main living room and kitchen. Town Homes are fully furnished. Only available to junior/senior students and graduate students. Town Home residents are not required to have a meal-plan.


If you have any questions about your billing statement and/or the charges that appear on it, please contact the Business Services Office at 415.257.0161 or bills@dominican.edu.