Literary and Intercultural Studies BA

Figuring out how to get your bachelor’s degree can be a full-time job. Especially when you already have a full-time job. We make it easy. Our Adult Degree Completion Program is your solution to completing a competitive bachelor's degree while meeting your family and career responsibilities.

Literary and Intercultural Studies nurtures the mind and spirit through a study of global cultures, joining the truth of the human experience to the beauty of art. Our goal is to prepare you to succeed in whatever direction you choose and, more important, to set the foundation for a deeply fulfilled life rich with intellectual wonder, compassion, and creativity. Our degree plan lets you tailor the major to your interests and future goals. For qualified students, we offer accelerated tracks towards the Teaching Credential and the Master of Arts in Humanities.

Choose your path to graduation from one of these tracks: 

Track 1: Liberal Arts
Coursework in the humanities disciplines, which include Art History, History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Gender Studies, Social and Cultural Studies, and Language. 

Track 2: Accelerated BA/MA 
Coursework in the Dominican Graduate Humanities program, reducing the number of units required to earn an MA in Humanities from Dominican. Separate admission into the MA program is required and applications are submitted after earning 15 units of upper division credit at Dominican. 

Track 3: Accelerated Education/Teaching
Coursework in the Dominican Teaching Credential program and/or humanities disciplines. EDUC courses applied to the major reduce the number of units needed to complete Dominican's credential.  

Track 4: Creative Writing
Coursework in creative writing and literature. At least nine units of creative writing are required, providing practice in a variety of literary forms.  

Program Highlights

- Affordable tuition and financial aid available to those who qualify
- Passion-based research and creative projects supporting individual future goals
- Small classes with professors committed to your success
- Engaging courses drawing connections with lived experience
- Credit for life and work experience
- One-on-one advising
- Weekday and evening courses, with some online choices 

Possible Career Paths

Our degree program prepares you for postgraduate programs, including law and medicine, and to engage the world with an understanding of the ideas that have shaped and continue to shape our shared world. 

  • Educator
  • Archivist
  • Curator
  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Legal Professional
  • Civil Servant
  • Public Relations
  • Medicine
  • Non-profit Leader
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Advocate
  • Historian