Financial Aid Information

Financial aid for Adult Degree Completion students is available and easier than ever to obtain. Financial aid, the term used to describe monies used to cover educational expenses, includes grants, scholarships, and loans. Prospective students may begin the financial aid process at any point in the admission application process. It is highly recommended that candidates begin as early as possible.

Benefits of Applying 

  1. Prospective students may not even know that they qualify for grants and/or scholarships.  Applying is easy and gives the student the ability to select awards that they want to keep and awards they want to decline.
  2. Applying for financial aid early in the admission process can provide students with a safety net should they need the financial assistance after the semester begins.

Applying for Aid

Adult Degree Completion students need to complete the following two steps to apply for financial aid:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at  Don't forget to include Dominican's School Code, 001196. 
  2. Complete the Adult Degree Completion Application for Financial Aid.  

Types of Aid

Besides federal grants and student loans, students may also qualify for Dominican aid:

Adult Degree Completion Program Scholarships are available based on financial need and enrollment status.  

Learn More

Please visit for detailed financial aid information.