Afternoon Session

Our afternoon session is from 1–4 p.m.


Art and Science: An Integration Experience

Entering grades 3-4
Instructor: Beth Kraft

Join us as we explore the simple beauty of combining art techniques with science phenomena. We’ll explore color, light, and shadows while learning about the physical science properties of each phenomenon. Our gallery of activities will be on display during Open House–August 9.

Marco! Polo!

Entering grades 3-4
Instructor: Libby Silvestri

Be a part of the outrageous adventures of the famous explorer, Marco Polo, as we chart our journey east from Venice through places like present-day Turkey, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. A bounty of hands-on projects will enable you to soak in the ancient technologies, arts, foods, languages, and philosophies that made this man's experiences so rich. Discover why The Journals of Marco Polo was one of the most mind-blowing and sought after books of its time.

Visual Touch: Computer Graphics and Digital Media Art

Entering grades 4-7
Instructor: Luis A. Santos

Appropriate for learners at all levels of computer knowledge, this project-based class is designed for students who want to express themselves and have fun using computers, and digital tools. We will cover the basics of graphic design, page layout, and simple animation using the same editing tools graphic design professionals use every day. Students will work with Adobe Creative Suite software (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Premier) to develop their own creative projects.

Rube Goldberg and Simple Machines 2.0

Entering grades 5-8
Instructor: Ron Pembleton

Have you ever wondered how machines work? When you pull on a lever, why does a light turn on? How do gears turn a wheel in a car? Or, have you always wanted to create a wacky contraption like shown on “Wallace and Gromit” episodes? During these two weeks, students will create amazing contraptions that will make a simple task (turning on a light switch) much more complicated and based on scientific principles involving mechanical advantage, work, and energy. Our week one challenges will be to build a complex machine from simple machine parts (like wheels, levers, pulleys and more). Our week two challenge will be to build a machine that takes up an entire room and will be displayed for viewing pleasure during the open house on our final Friday.

Constructures – Adventures in 3D Art Making

Entering grades 5-7
Instructor: Erin Sorensen

Young artists will explore the principles of historic and modern sculpture. Learning from the greats (Michelangelo, Henry Moore, Calder and Goldsworthy), students will sculpt in clay, fabricate with found objects, construct techno art from recycled electronics, and design, engineer, and build fantasy structures based on spatial design and architectural drafting. Taking inspiration from Gaudi, Wright, Gehry and Hadid, participants will take their art to a new dimension.

Film-Making Institute

Entering grades 6-8
Instructor: Bryan Nielsen

A course for beginning and intermediate film students. We will make 3 films during the two weeks. Students will learn the elements that make up a good film by analyzing the works(rated PG) of Stephen Spielberg, Ron Howard, Penny Marshall, and George Lucas. Students will learn composition and framing, how to capture emotion with a variety of shots, and how to edit their films. The class will end with a mini film festival where students will share their best composition with the rest of the camp.

The Art of Games and Strategy

Entering grades 6-9
Instructor: Micah Franks

Join the games renaissance. Strategy has taken a new visage over the last 20 years. Come and practice mathematical planning, probability, and abstract experimentation, while engaging in the social milieu of positive sportsmanship and fun. Follow your imagination into the study of anthropology and history with eurogames like Carcassonne, Settlers of Cataan, Cyclades, and Dominion. Exercise your creative streak with Magic: The Gathering, and Eclipse. Build your own game together with friends, or bring your own favorites to play and analyze.

Mock Trial: Guilty or Not?

Entering grades 6-9
Instructor: Eliott Rodgers

Students will participate in a Mock Trial. Each student will assume the role of either judge, attorney, witness, or jury. Each student will learn basic processes of court proceedings: establishing evidence, conducting interviews, making legal arguments, and ensuring a just resolution to each issue examined. Each student will work in a collaborative setting for each element of the actual trial. Students will learn a formal debate procedure used in the courtroom. The last day of class, the jury will decide---guilty or not.

Screenwriting for Film and Video

Entering grades 7-9
Instructor: Joe Dines

This course is for all students who want to write creative, engaging screenplays. As part of this hands-on course, students will consider the classic three-act structure; examine what makes dialogue work; develop characters through their actions; and learn how to compress a plot and how to reveal character through images, symbols, and motifs.

Students will present a completed scene from their screenplay on the final day of class. Note: as part of the class we’ll watch scenes from G – PG-13 movies. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet on which to write and to have a g-mail address prior to the first day of class.