Our Honors Program is one of Dominican’s many paths to excellence. We offer an interdisciplinary and condensed alternative to the university-wide general education program.

Distinguished by its enriched educational experiences, such as service-learning, placed-based learning, and interdisciplinary seminars, the Honors curriculum situates the student as an active and thoughtful learner who is developing a sense of agency in preparation for a complex world. Honors students meet their general education requirements by selecting from a variety of core-curriculum courses uniquely designed for the honors program in the following categories:

Honors Effective Communication 1:

Course example: Reading Popular Media- Critique and evaluate popular media texts and objects, and produce well-designed, carefully researched written texts, oral presentations, and visual communications for different audiences and purposes.

Honors Effective Communication 2:

Course example: Global Communication and Images - an eye-opening hands-on exploration of written and visual communication modes from the past to present.

Honors Creative and Artistic Expression:

Course example: Community Engaged Art - create and and collaborate with community partners on public artworks that address a locally relevant social justice issue.

Honors Civic Knowledge/Engagement:

Course example: Just Learning: Books Not Bars - examine the relationship between the education and prison systems, and analyze systemic issues that disenfranchise individuals and communities, often funneling young people into the school to prison pipeline.

Honors Examined Life:

Course Example: Virtuosity: Cultivating Moral and Ethical Character - explore a range of theories and questions concerning moral virtue as a kind of intellectual and practical expertise.

Honors Purpose & Meaning:

Course example: World Religions - Survey the world's dominant religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism), accenting both their commonalities and their distinctiveness.

The Honors co-curriculum focuses on international/multicultural and leadership experiences such as internships, professional mentoring, and independent projects, that provide opportunities to engage with content relevant to students present lives and future careers.