The Honors Program is administered by the Honors Director and the Honors Board. The Honors Board is tasked with the formulation of policy pertaining to Honors admissions, curriculum and co-curriculum, academic standards, assessment, awarding of Honors scholarships, and program branding and communications.


2018 - 2019 Honors Board Membership:

Acting Honors Director: Lynn Sondag
Dean of General Studies (ex officio): Mojgan Behmand
LAE Faculty: Leslie Ross
BSB Faculty: Jacob Massoud 
HNS Faculty: Amy Young
Library Faculty: Aaron Clark
Sophomore Class Representative: Julaby Dalman
Junior Class Representative: Leeann Francisco
Senior Class Representative: Brianna Rodriguez
Registrar's Office Representative: Sabine Hansia
Admissions Office Representative: Maria Gentile
Financial Aid/Admissions Office Representative: Rebecca Keenan