Expository Writing | Literacy & Power

The only one of its kind currently offered at Dominican, this composition course will provide you with a unique opportunity to improve your writing skills for college while helping local high school students prepare themselves for their futures.

While tutoring these high school students, I noticed that they treated me differently than they did the teacher. One student told me, "I'll let you help me because you're taking time out of your life to be here." I think that because I could relate to the kids and am closer to their age, it made a huge impact on their attitude and the work they completed in class. Because the kids wanted my help it made me feel that what I was doing really mattered, which made a significant impact on me as well. -- Dominican First Year Student

Public education does not prepare all students equally, and many youths exit high school with low literacy skills that keep them on the margins into adulthood. Service-learning will be used as one of the principal methods for achieving the learning outcomes of this course in partnership with Marin County Community School and Canal Alliance both located in San Rafael.

Peer-to-peer mentoring of at-risk and underserved youth increases high school retention and reduces the achievement gap by providing a tangible reward to continued education. Dominican students are ideally positioned to engage and inspire local teens; likewise, this engagement solidifies Dominican students’ own commitment to education and strengthens their community bonds.

I believe that all humans have the feeling or the need of knowing someone wants them to succeed. Personally, when I saw a student at MCCS finally understand a math problem or get a good grade on a test that I helped them with, I felt proud, almost like I had done something right. This feeling goes both ways. The students would feel proud of themselves and thankful that I helped them. I would also feel thankful that they allowed me to help them.        -- Dominican First Year Student

I was blessed to take this course because it allowed me to reflect on myself, and those around me in the area that I live in. I was able to understand the struggle of some kids in high school. If I could give one message, it is to take the time to get to know the kids and to understand them. -- Dominican First Year Student

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