Quotes & Testimonials

"The students are all doing great and have been a huge help around here! They are all so bright and engaged, it is quite impressive.” –Michelle Burns, Senior Access

"[The DU student] offered [elderly sisters] a respite . . . Her activities promoted use of their sense of smelling, feeling sensing, perceiving, seeing, touching, interacting . . . distracting them from their daily routine. Her time with us gave the Sisters a purpose, a pleasant time, and a sparkle and twinkle in their eyes. . . . it is obvious that [the student] had a huge positive influence and impact on all the Sisters here.”  –Sr. Susan Marie Roche, Lourdes Convent

"Serving at a place like New Beginnings teaches students how to treat people with dignity.   It teaches us that everyone deserves human rights and to be treated with respect, or like Kant would say, "Always act so as to treat humanity, either yourself or others, always as an end and never as only a means” (Munson 751).  At this site there is a lot of responsibility involved because if the people are not checked in they might lose their bed or if their chore is not marked as “done” they may be asked to leave.  If you do something wrong it may cause that person a bed or a meal...service-learning is a good way to promote the teachings of philosophy and ethics because it teaches students about human rights, human dignity, and responsibility." –Dominican student from Ethics in Healthcare course

"I can honestly say [serving at] Voyager Carmel has changed me.  I now see the importance of community health for people with mental illness. In the community they have formed, it is clear that those relationships are essential to them getting better and their improved mental health...[I more fully understand] scarce medical resources, the importance of care ethics, social justice, and lastly the basic principals of OT."  –Dominican student from Ethics in Healthcare course