Education & Youth Support

Education & Youth Support Service-Learning Partners for Dominican University

AVID at San Rafael High School

Our mission is for each student to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the future and to contribute to society while recognizing the dignity and worth of each individual. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a program designed to give the necessary support to students, particularly those in the academic middle, so that they can attend college and achieve their fullest potential. It also serves to level the playing field for minority and low-income students, as well as students who may be the first in their families to potentially attend college.

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:: 185 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901
Contact: Justine Kuehle
Phone: (415) 485-2330
Web Site:

Bahia Vista Elementary/LEAP After-school program

Bahia Vista School is dedicated to educating each child in a safe, enriching environment that respects individual and cultural differences while helping students achieve mastery of California grade level standards.

Populations Served: Youth
Address: 125 Bahia Way, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 485-2415
Web Site:

Canal Alliance University Prep (UP)

Canal Alliance offers services to the people of The Canal area in an effort to deal with the poverty and the influx of many new arrivals who need help with basic necessities. The after school program provides mentors and tutors for the participants as well as a safe place to have fun. Role models and tutors are needed for the after school program. There is also a need for ESL tutors and for administrative support.

Populations Served: Low-income members of The Canal neighborhood in San Rafael.
Services Provided: Assistance with housing, employment, education, legal issues and other necessities.
Address: 91 Larkspur Street, San Rafael CA  94901(approximately 5 minutes from Dominican)
Phone: (415) 306-0452
Web Site:

Catholic Charities Canal Family Support Kids Club

The Catholic Charities Canal Family Support Kids Club provides educational assistance and enrichment activities that support the cultural, physical and social development of youth in San Rafael’s Canal District. The majority of children come from families who are struggling with poverty, limited English skills and/or marginalized legal status. The Kids Club enriches the lives of young children while focusing on preventing at-risk behaviors.

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:   Pickleweed Park Community Center @ 50 Canal Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone:  (415) 454-8596
Web Site:

Davidson Boys & Girls Club

Provides a safe place where youth can interact with caring adults who help them to develop a sense of belonging, usefulness, influence and competence. Caring youth-development professionals offer life-enhancing programs in five core areas: Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Health & Life Skills, Education & Career Skills, Character & Leadership Development, and The Arts.

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:  150 Lovell Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901 (Davidson Clubhouse is located in the annex building directly behind Davidson Middle School)
Phone:  (415) 485-3790
Program Hours:  

Marin's Community School

Marin's Community School provides specialized services in a supportive environment in which our students have the opportunity to develop their potential. Established in 1982, as part of the Marin County Office of Education Alternative Education Programs, the Marin Community School serves approximately 160 students with problems related to truancy, insubordination or law violation. The primary goal of the program is to help students establish appropriate school behavior and regular attendance, improve academic skills, make-up lost high school credit, and develop a positive self-image and appropriate social skills. We help you meet these goals and objectives in many ways.

Populations Served:  High-Risk Youth from 12-18 years of age.
Services Provided:  Mentoring, advising, instructing, helping Marin County At-Risk Youth
Address:   1111 Las Gallinas Ave, San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone:  (415) 491-0581
Web Site:

Next Generation Scholars

NGS's goal is to level the playing field by providing dedicated under-served students with all the advantages available to those of privilege. Next Generation Scholars combines a rigorous academic program with community building activities and wrap-around social services. All elements of the program are approached through the lens of ethnic studies and social justice.

Populations Served: Individuals
Services Provided:  
Address:: 1018 E Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone:: (415) 259-0900
Web Site:

Lifehouse Marin - TRIP

Lifehouse offers the opportunity of peer mentorship – doing activities with teens with developmental disabilities (autism, etc.) Go bowling and have dinner once a week with a small group of teens. The larger goal is to help developmentally disabled people integrate into the community as they learn socializing and life skills..

Populations Served: Teens with developmental disabilities
Services Provided:  
Address:: TBD
Contact: Mike Sus 
Phone: (415) 472-2373 ext 310 or from 1-9pm: (415) 457-3690 



Parent Services Project

Engages and strengthens families to take leadership for the well-being of their children, families, and communities. Raising A Reader and Aprendiendo Juntos are the two programs we partner with. Dominican students help in these two programs speaking Spanish with community members.

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:  79 Belvedere St. #101, San Rafael, CA  94901
Phone: (415) 454-1870
Web Site: 

Raising A Reader
Aprendiendo Juntos

Short School

Short Elementary School is embarking on a community effort to rise up and meet the many challenges and strengths brought to the campus by the students and their families. Beyond expanding after school efforts DU students are invited to join classrooms as Academic Mentors. This role builds healthy relationships, provides direction for those easily distracted and works closely, 1 on 1, to support young students who need extra guidance, and to work with the school to provide the needed support. Your efforts and attention reinforce the love of learning, thus keeping students moving through their education with skills and confidence!

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:: 35 Marin Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
Contact: Vanessa Flynn, Principal
Phone: (415) 485-3793
Web Site: 


Venetia Valley Middle School

VV's mission is for the entire school community to prepare students for the future by providing them with an education that encourages intellectual curiosity within a nurturing environment. All students will be presented enrichment opportunities to develop individual potential, self-esteem, and personal and social skills

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:: 177 N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903
Contact: Michele Harland
Phone: (415) 492-3160

Young Moms Marin

Young Moms Marin (YMM) offers support, education and opportunities to young and teen moms and their families, most come from marginalized communities and are dealing with numerous struggles.

Populations Served:  
Services Provided:  
Address:: St. Paul's Church | 1123 Court Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
Contact: Teresa Ashby
Phone: (415) 686-3273


Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Parks for All Forever. The community-supported nonprofit transforming places and people through conservation and improvement of the Golden Gate National Parks.

Populations Served: All
Address: Building 201, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123
Web Site: