Meet the Staff

Our Service-Learning staff serve faculty, students and community partner organizations. We work together to integrate academic content with meaningful and sustained community engagement to enhance student learning while addressing social justice issues.



Julia van der Ryn
Executive Director, Center for Community Engagement 
[email protected]

Julia provides leadership for developing, implementing, assessing, and managing sustainable community engagement and civic education initiatives, including service-learning. She is responsible for centralizing information and resources for stakeholders - students, faculty, community organizations and residents, and for the evolution of the program following best practices in social change education.


Emily Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Community Outreach & Project Development
[email protected]

Emily is responsible for community partnership outreach including development of new partners, based on community voice and interests in conjunction with specific course content. Her focus is to assure good communication and collaboration between all stakeholders to support mutual benefits, enrich student learning and deepen community impact.


Jenny Bray
Service-Learning Program Manager
[email protected]


Jenny is responsible for creating and implementing infrastructures and processes to support all facets of Service-Learning programming and for general coordination and outreach to faculty and student stakeholders.