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Whether you are an executive striving to take your organization to the next level, or a manager ready for career advancement, the Institute for Leadership Studies can empower your success with our Executive Education programs.

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Executive Education offers training and consulting in leadership and management for professionals. As a component of the Institute for Leadership Studies, Executive Education provides a rich curriculum of experiences and breadth of services for organizations and their executives. 

Our Programs

Our programs will teach your organization to address uncertainty by creating a clear path forward, empower fellow members of the program to contribute, and ultimately harness the power of your group effort to execute a plan. 

While the Leadership Academy Certificate Program is the centerpiece of our leadership programs, we also offer open enrollment programs and customized programs for present and future leaders, including “leaders at large” — individuals with untested potential to lead teams, programs, and departments, and bring their organizations to new levels. Please contact us for more information. 

  • Leadership Academy Certificate Program
  • Open enrollment programs
  • Custom programs
  • Organizational consulting

Dominican’s Leadership Certificate Program

Learn the difference between managing and leading. Create and implement a strategic business plan. Leverage emotional intelligence to increase productivity from your team.

Dominican’s Leadership Certificate Program is an excellent learning experience for any professional wishing to advance their career and hone their leadership skills, such as:

  • High-potential performers being groomed for advancement
  • Managers and directors seeking to expand their authority
  • Technical specialists seeking to increase their organizational impact
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to take their organization to a new level

When your organization partners with us, we will address a variety of organizational and leadership needs, from ensuring timely availability of leaders at various levels, to creating competencies for managers to respond to varying market conditions. 

Our faculty is composed of subject-matter experts and practitioners who have substantive real-life leadership and management experience in a variety of fields, as well as teach in our MBA programs.

Our motto is: "Learn more today, deliver more value tomorrow." This motto signifies a commitment to learning that makes a positive difference. Our institution has deep roots in the education of adults, in the tradition of ethical, experiential learning. Our programs provide experiences that combine active learning and an exchange of ideas. 

Private Sector: $4,950
Public, Government & Non-Profit Organizations: $4,450

Contact us for information on Dominican Alumni and group discounts.

Each of the Leadership Certificate’s nine one-day sessions focuses on a different leadership skill and includes hands-on learning techniques and measurable outcomes. The curriculum was informed by a survey of CEOs and senior VPs from more than 70 Bay Area businesses and organizations, and can be further customized to meet the needs of your business.

Sessions Topic
Session 1 21st Century Leadership: What it Means to be a Leader
Session 2 Driving Individual Performance; Coaching for Accountability
Session 3 Engaging and Inspiring Others: Developing Your Effective Leadership Repertoire
Session 4 Thinking Strategically: Facing and Addressing Tough Choices
Session 5 Creating High Impact Teams: Building Trust for Team Commitment and Results
Session 6 Leading Change: Transforming the Organization and Staying Ahead of the Curve
Session 7 Surmounting Obstacles: Using Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies
Session 8 Charting the Future: Creating and Pursuing Your Vision
Session 9 Celebrating the Outcomes: Presentations on “Project Leadership”

Each session in the Leadership Certificate Program is taught by an expert in the leadership skill being covered. Instructors include professors from Dominican’s Barowsky School of Business as well as senior executives and seasoned consultants from throughout the Bay Area.

The Leadership Certificate includes a capstone project called “Project Leadership,” in which participants design and implement a plan to address a strategic business need of their sponsoring companies. The plans typically realize savings and revenue five to 10 times greater than the participants’ tuition, delivering an excellent return on investment.

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