Security Tips

A list of useful security tips for keeping your computer and data safe online.

Ten Tips for Being Safe Online

  1. Use different passwords for different online services
  2. Make your passwords long and complex
  3. Use a password manager (LastPass, KeePass, etc.) to keep track of your passwords so you don't have to remember them
  4. Don't click on links in emails. Hover over links in web pages to verify the URL they really go to rather than the text of the link.
  5. Don't send anything with sensitive personal information through email
  6. Block Flash and Java by default with a browser extension. Chrome will block all plugins by default if enabled in the settings.
  7. Don't call 1-800 numbers listed in pop-ups. Only get tech support by reaching out directly to companies you know (Apple, Dell, Best Buy, ITS department, etc.)
  8. Run anti-virus and anti-malware software
  9. Keep your computer software up to date
  10. Use 2-Step authentication

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