Avoiding Scams

How to avoid, and how to deal with, computer scams.

Avoiding scams

The best way to avoid computer scams is to practice safe browsing and not click on unknown links in emails and websites, or install software from untrustworthy sources. Follow all of the guidelines in our Security Tips.

Dealing with scams


Learn more about Account & Email Security.

Here is an example of a fake warning on a Mac. The scammers are trying to get you to call a 1-800 number so they can get control of your computer, and steal your money.


  • Do not call the number. Calling the number connects you to a scammer that will request access to your computer so that they can "help" you.
  • Do not give anyone any personal information or credit card number.
  • Do not install any software you are prompted to install. The scammer will prompt you to install a tool that will allow them to remote into your computer to "help" you.
  • If you see this kind of warning, do NOT call the number or click on any windows. Instead, disconnect from WiFi or Ethernet, reboot, and reset your web browsers to their original factory settings.