Security and Privacy

The University cherishes freedom of expression, the diversity of values and perspectives inherent in an academic institution, the right to acknowledgment, and the value of privacy for all members of the Dominican community.  

At the same time, the University may find it necessary to access and disclose information from computer and network users' accounts to the extent required by law, to uphold contractual obligations or other applicable University policies, or to diagnose and correct technical problems. For this reason, the ultimate privacy of messages and files cannot be ensured. In addition, system failures may lead to loss of data, so users should not assume that their messages and files are secure.

Neither the University nor its agents restrict the content of material transported across its networks. While the University does not position itself as a censor, it reserves the right to limit access to its networks or to remove material stored or posted on University computers when applicable University policies, contractual obligations, or state or federal laws are violated.  Alleged violations will receive the same academic due process as any other alleged violation of university policy, contractual obligations, or state or federal laws.

Additionally, Dominican reserves the right to restrict access to specific sites, services and software that may adversely impact the performance of the network.