Computer Labs

Dominican provides a number of computers for use by students, staff and faculty in the Computer Labs. Use of computers in these labs follow all of the general policies with these additional caveats.

  • Do not attempt to fix a computer problem. If a problem exists, contact the Information Technology Department.
  • You may not download or install software on the computers.
  • Keep a backup of all your work.
  • Ask for assistance from an IT or Library staff member if a diskette becomes jammed in a disk drive.
  • Do not disconnect any hardware for any reason. If a need arises, notify an IT staff member immediately.
  • Some software programs are installed only on specific computers. If you cannot find a particular software program, please refer to the Dominican Lab Home Page to see which, if any, software program is installed.
  • If a virus is found on a computer or floppy disk, notify the IT Help Desk immediately.
  • Do not change printer settings. If you have special printing requirements, notify a TLC staff member.
  • Do not load your own paper or envelopes into the printer. If you need to print on special material, notify a TLC or library staff member for assistance.
  • Transparency and/or adhesive-label printing is prohibited.
  • Do not attempt to clear paper jams. Notify the IT Help Desk or Library staff member for assistance if a paper jam occurs.
  • If paper, toner, or ink is not available, notify the Library Circulation Desk..
  • Recycle all white printer paper in the designated blue recycling bin in the Lab. Please note that recycling bins are not receptacles for trash disposal or other types of paper, including ruled or colored paper.

Users of Dominican computers may often wish to temporarily store their data on Dominican computers.  This practice is permitted with the following constraints:

  • Data on Dominican computers (PCs and workstations) is not backed up.
  • Other users, or Dominican IT, may periodically clean the hard drive and delete all data.
  • Every semester the lab computers will be reformatted and wiped clean so that all data is removed.

  • Dominican holds no responsibility for any data temporarily stored on a Dominican lab computer.