Welcome Orientation

Penguin Pass

ID Cards (Penguin Pass) — we have a One Card system called the Penguin Pass. Each year you get a new sticker for the new term (not a new ID card). There is a $20 replacement fee if lost. The Pass is used for:

  • Mealcard
  • Bookstore purchases
  • Conlan access
  • Library card
  • Door / dorm access
  • Laundry
  • Vending machine
  • Printing Black and White(.10) \ Color(.20)


All students receive a Dominican University of California (DUoC) email address. DUoC will use this email address to send you important updates and information.  Read read more about the DUoC email policies in your student handbook.

  1. Your DUoC email address is:  [email protected] For example: ([email protected]).
  2. To access your Dominican Gmail, go to Gmail.com.
  3. Username = Dominican email address + password
  4. Click here for instructions to set up email forwarding
  5. Throughout the semester you will receive information (i.e. course evaluations) from departments such as: financial aid, registrar, business services, etc.

Login Account

Your login account grants access to: computer labs and on-campus wifi

  • Username = 7 digit student ID # (usually starts with 5) = 5XXXXXX

Passwords are set individually at the IT department.

For security reasons, do not share your login with ANYONE else

Student Services


An online system used by instructors to: make assignments, communicate with students and track progress.

  • Username = Dominican email address + password
  • Classes appear 1 week before first class start date and disappear 4 weeks after semester is over



SelfService grants access to: unofficial transcripts, final grades, current schedules, search / register for classes and pay tuition / add money to penguin pass

  • Username = Dominican email address + password

Getting Help


Help Desk– Need assistance?

  • Hours: Monday- Friday, 9:00-6:00
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (415) 257-0123
  • x0123 from any campus phone

Public Services

  1. Computer Labs
    • Username = 7 digit student ID # (usually starts with 5) = 5XXXXXX
    • Printing available in certain labs
    • LOGOUT when done and DO NOT SAVE documents on lab computers
    • If internet / wifi is not working, contact the IT Help Desk (415) 257-0123.
  2. Wireless
    • Use “dominican wireless,” Wifi registration lasts for about 4 months.
    • Username = 7 digit student ID # (usually starts with 5) = 5XXXXXX
  3. Personal Computer Support
    Available on a limited basis, stop by IT for details

On Campus Student Services

  1. Access the internet in Dorm rooms
    • To access internet, plug in an ethernet cable into the port labeled D for data
    • We require all students to have virus protection software on their personal PC’s

Comcast Equipment

Comcast Equipment is available in the Townhomes (Off Campus Apartments). Do not move, remove, or otherwise tamper with the cable box. If it is damaged or missing you will be charged $100 to replace.