How to Get Your MAC Address

There may be instances when the Dominican Information Technology Department will need to know your computer’s ‘MAC Address’. This unique network identifier is in the format 01:23:45:67:89:AB (or 01-23-45-67-89-AB) - it has 6 pairs of letters/numbers for a total of 12 letters and numbers. Here are the instructions on how to find your computer’s MAC address depending on the type of computer you have.

Click the appropriate link below for instructions for your system.


  1. iPhone and iPad
  2. Mac OS X



  1. Windows Method 1: Using the Command Prompt
  2. Windows Method 2: Using the Network and Sharing Center (Vista/7 only)
  3. Windows Method 3: Using Network Connections (98/XP only)


Note to Laptop Users

Please be aware that laptop computers have two MAC Addresses.  One for WIFI and one for the physical cable connector.  Since you will usually be using WIFI when on campus, please make sure you look for your WIFI network connection when getting your MAC address.