Comcast Data Boxes in Townhomes

How to connect the Comcast data boxes in the Mission & Irwin Townhomes.



The elements to the Comcast data boxes

  1. Comcast Data box
  2. Comcast remote control
  3. Cable in
  4. To TV
  5. Channel switch


Instructions for setting-up the Comcast data boxes with your TV

  1. Check to make sure that the box is powered on
  2. Make sure that the Comcast Data box (1) has a cable cord (Coaxial cable) going from Cable in (3) to the data box in the dorm room.
  3. Plug in your cable cord from your TV into the TO TV (4) jack on the Comcast Data box (1)
  4. Check that the Channel Switch (5) is on “3”
  5. Turn your TV to Channel 3
  6. Use the Comcast remote control (2) to change the channels for the cable.


Need Help?

If you are still unable to get your TV working please ask your RA or someone on your floor who got it working for assistance. If you still cannot get it working please send an email to [email protected].  Please be aware that at the start of school the IT Department is very busy with new students, new faculty and getting everything else working for the start of the year.  As a result cable TV support is not a high priority for the first week or two.

If your cable box is lost or broken you will be charged a $100 replacement and restocking fee.