PowerPoint to PDF

How to save a Microsoft PowerPoint file as a PDF file for high quality printing on the large format printer.

After numerous tests, we've determined that the best way to use PowerPoint to create a large poster is to save the file as a PDF file before printing.  Here are the steps to do this.

  1. Create your poster with PowerPoint.  Make sure to make the PAGE SIZE be 46" wide and 40" high (or whatever size you want.).
  2. Go to a PC with Adobe Acrobat Professional.  The Science Department has a number of PCs with this software as does the Mac Lab in the Library.
  3. Open your Powerpoint poster file in PowerPoint.
  4. Click File/Print.
  5. Select Adobe PDF as the PRINTER.
  6. Click Properties
    1. Click Layout Tab
    2. Select Landscape
  7. Click Advanced button bottom right corner and change the following:
    1. Paper/Output, chose Paper Size:  PostScript Custom
    2. For Width enter the short dimension
    3. For Height enter the long dimension
  8. Graphic:  
    1. Print Quality:  600 dpi
  9. TrueType Font:  Download as Softfont
  10. Document Options:
    1. PostScript Options
    2. PostScript Output Option:  Optimize for Speed
    3.  TrueType Font Download Option:  Automatic
    4. PostScript Language Level:  3
    5. Send PostScript Error Handler:  Yes
    6. Mirrored Output:  No
  11. Click Adobe PDF Settings Tab
    1. Uncheck the Do not send fonts to "Adobe PDF"
  12. Click OK to print the PDF and name the file and not the location you save it to. 
  13. Now you can email the pdf to the designated person printing the Posters.