Printer Maintenance

This document explains how to change inks, paper and maintain the printer. Audience: authorized operators of the large format printer.

General overview of the printer

This printer is always left powered on. It automatically cuts jobs fed with paper rolls. Normally it should not require hands on maintenance per print job. When you send a job, it should print without complication in most cases. If you encounter problems with the printer, please contact IT. This is a very expensive piece of equipment and could easily be broken if you are not sure you know how to operate it. Some tasks are commonplace and will need to carried out routinely by authorized operators. These include: changing paper rolls, feeding single sheets, and changing inks.

Brief instructions are located below for quick access. For full descriptions, including illustrations, see the pdf files.

How to change paper rolls

Prior to replacing the paper roll, make sure the printer is not in use. First, flip back the blue plastic switch to disable the suction and release the paper tension. Then, flip back the clear plastic cover with measurement markings. Next, grab the spindle by the sides and pull it straight out of the printer. Place the grey plastic end piece on the floor and pull the black plastic end piece off of the spindle. Replace paper roll as desired. Then, put the spindle back into the printer. Grab the paper roll from both sides and pull down the paper all the way until the horizontal white line. Adjust the paper length as needed by rotating the sides of the spindle and using your hands to line up the paper with the white line. Failure to do this will result in a crooked picture! You can adjust the suction as needed for the heaviness of the paper if required. Make sure the digital menu shows the icon of a roll of paper (or a roll of paper being cut). When everything is done, re-enable the suction by flipping the plastic switch. You will see and hear the printer adjusting to the new paper. When the printer is done doing this, it is ready for use.

How to feed single sheets

First, release the suction and pull out any existing paper. Then, use the left facing arrow on the printers control panel to change the paper icon to a single sheet (as opposed to the roll). Insert the new sheet of paper touching the far right side, using the measurements marked on the clear plastic cover as a guide. Set the suction level to the lowest possible setting. Once the paper is in position, flip the plastic switch to re-enable the suction.

How to change inks

Due to the high cost of the inks for this printer, the replacement inks are kept in the IT dept. If the printer is running low on inks, please inform the IT dept several days in advance to avoid running out of ink during hours that the IT dept. is closed. Make sure the printer is on. Find out which cartridge needs to be replaced as indicated, by the steady flashing light ink on the control panel. When replacing the empty cartridge makes sure the printer is inactive. Then push the plastic ink cover to open, unlock cartridges by raising plastic switch to released position. Then you’re ready to replace empty cartridge. Take the new ink cartridge and shake it back and forth a few times to mix the ink. Insert the new cartridge in the slot. Close the cover on the ink cartridge area.

Advanced Tasks